AGNODIKI® medical consulting is a medical affairs services provider,

with a particular focus on time-intensive and strategically important areas.

              In the pharmaceutical or the medical technology business, such areas may include:  

  • alignment of your medical affairs activities with your strategy in innovative ways, especially at launch, 
  • networking with opinion leaders to benefit from their knowledge and involve them in your activities, 
  • offering updated continuous medical education to your stakeholders using modern or classical tools,
  • generation, analysis and interpretation of data to discover new opportunities or unmet needs. 

AGNODIKI® medical consulting can support you in achieving important objectives with several value-adding services:

Medical Writing

You need good medical writing? Engage AGNODIKI® medical consulting for the creation, review, update or editing of your documents, and find out how complex technical topics can be turned into wonderful stories, with simple and readily understandable language and flowing text structure. 

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Medical Education

Are you planning online medical education programmes, symposia at congresses, or independent scientific sessions? Turn your medical education activities into knowledge journeys with AGNODIKI® medical consulting. You will be impressed by the feed-back of your audience.

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Medical Projects

Are you about to launch a product, or working on new product assessments, advisory boards or real world data programes? Acquire process-oriented and qualitative services at AGNODIKI® medical consulting and watch how your medical projects will succeed and fit into your business.  

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With AGNODIKI® medical consulting you can benefit from: 

- Comprehensive interpretation of complex medical concepts 

- Focus on quality and scientific accuracy 

- Objective and unbiased communication 

- Long-standing collaborations with experts

- Academic qualifications and experience 

- Holistic approach involving all stakeholders, tailored to your processes

- Fair prices