Medical affairs



Medical affairs is a value-adding function in the pharmaceutical industry, concerned with the generation and communication of new science and clinical insights about certain therapeutic areas and pharmaceutical products. 


New science 


The main source of new medical science comes from research and clinical development.


The new product development decision-making process is crucial for advancing health. This process takes into account global epidemiology data and unmet medical needs among others, and necessitates the interaction between several internal and external medical experts.   


Clinical trial reports (CTR) include tens of thousands of pages with complex statistical tables that are difficult to read. CTR information needs deep analysis, clinical interpretation and comprehensive medical writing in order to be understood and used by regulatory authorities and, if approved, in every day clinical practice.


Medical communication


The main objective of medical communication is to present accurate and comprehensive information about innovations, originally created to improve health. New science can be communicated with publications, press releases, congress announcements, medical education events and web-based self-learning programmes.


Today, achieving excellence in medical communication may present a challenge. The pure data-driven scientific clarity may be compromised by the need of several stakeholders, with different backgrounds and tasks, to understand the data. They include regulators, marketeers, health economy experts, business strategists, legal and government authorities, etc.


However, this challenge is also an opportunity that drives state-of-the-art medical communication: Medical communication must be expressed in a way that can be understood by any target audience, but without oversimplification. 


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