Medical Projects


New product assessments

- Research of unmet medical needs, possible indications, medical guidelines, epidemiology data and outline of development plans
- Medical input for clinical development, regulatory, market research, health outcomes, business and finance departments
- Development of questionnaires, interviews with opinion leaders, assessment and reporting of expert opinions 


Advisory Boards 

- Meeting agenda based on learning objectives 
- Identification of, invitation, briefing and communication with advisors 
- Creation of meeting materials, e.g. reference package, list of questions, introductory presentation, etc. 
- Moderation of advisory boards, minutes and reporting 


Product launch, indication launch
- Medical communication strategy: content and dissemination plan 
- Medical liaison training and coordination 
- Preparation of the un-blinding cascade 
- Support of regulatory submission and HEOR dossier 
- Global medical launch planning 


Real-world and phase IV data
- Identification of data gaps based on open questions and existing data
- Study designs and identification of investigators
- Investigator meetings 
- Planning and follow-up of data collection 
- Reporting and publications 


  • Global level
  • Regional level
  • Country level




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