’’I have had the pleasure to cooperate with Dr Maria Niki Aigyptiadou for many years already.  She is innovative, constructive, reliable and thus a true pleasure to work with. I hope to be able to continue working with her for many years to come!’’

Professor J.Wouter Jukema, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
Professor of Cardiology, Chairman "Leiden Vascular Medicine"
Leiden University Medical Center


''Dr. Maria Niki Aigyptiadou is a highly qualified and very experienced medical expert with whom we cooperate on medical education projects. Her contributions to the contents of the Physicians' Academy for Cardiovascular Education foundation webpage (www.pace-cme.org) have been qualitative, accurate and customer oriented, and we look forward to continue and expand our cooperation.''

Onno Kaagman, CEO of Medcon International


''Dr. Maria Niki Aigyptiadou legt großen Wert auf die wissenschaftliche Korrektheit ihrer Fachartikel und orientiert sich bei der Ausformulierung stets an den Interessen medizinischer Laien. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie den jameda Expertenratgeber mit ihren Artikeln bereichert.''

Jameda GmbH


''Maria-Niki is a highly qualified medical affairs specialist with a long experience in medical writing, medical education and medical project management. Her strengths include reliability, medical accuracy and long-standing co-operations with medical experts.''

Dr. Markus Schwertfeger, International Medical Affairs Leader CPS

Roche Diagnostics International


’’I had the pleasure to work with Dr Maria Niki Aigyptiadou for common projects in the past. It was a fruitful experience, she is a very reliable and friendly person, her remarks and suggestions were always well taken, it was a great opportunity for me working with her. I wish to have this possiblity again in the near future.''

Professor Stefano De Servi, MD,  FESC
Professor of Cardiology, Chairman Cardiology Unit Multimedica Research Hospital

Sesto San Giovanni ( Milan ) Italy


"I have worked together with Maria Niki Aigyptiadou within cardiology for several years. We were in two different companies and two different functions, but it was a pleasure working close together with her on a cardiac brand. I know her as a passionate medical counterpart, team mate and colleague that could easily destil complexity into easy understandable and usable parts. She understands the marketing perspective well and do not only build on the strategic direction. She is also strong player in giving the brand direction. You can always trust Maria Niki is delivering. And on top of this she is a fun and likeable person to work with."

Lars Hagen Jensen, Global Product Manager 

Novo Nordisk


'' I recently engaged Dr. Maria Niki Aigyptiadou to write an article on a medical condition. We were interested in having a comprehensive article on this topic, which could then be divided into subsequent uses for patients or doctors to support our digital media strategy on a product to treat this disease. She gave excellent attention to our project even agreeing to attend a workshop at the last minute to learn more about the research, product and outcomes we had experienced. She undertook researching the topic thoroughly to augment the information we provided. She provided us with publication options and the communication tone appropriate for the audiences. She managed our timelines and delivered the article that showed her medical writing and research expertise. I would highly recommend her services.''

Mary Butler, Medical Device Executive